Have you ever had that dreadful feeling when you’ve damaged something of value? Normally your mobile phone or laptop.

Either way, if your device is stolen, broken or lost, there are insurance policies that can get you a replacement or repair service. Continue reading below for more information.

Insure your iPhone from just £4.99 a month

Buy your iPhone insurance today

Ever since the first model of the iPhone was released, Love It Cover It has offered comprehensive and affordable insurance to all users, with policies from £4.99 a month, including accidental damage. Whatever model of iPhone you have, you are sure to have one of the best insurance covers with Love It Cover It. Check out www.loveitcoverit.com.

What will you receive with their premium policy? Call 01702 568081 to receive your quote.

  • 1 month minimum term
  • Unlimited claims
  • £150 accessory cover
  • Worldwide cover
  • Theft & loss

The best value laptop cover

Laptop insurance

Laptop insurance is quick and easy to buy and gives you a whole host of benefits to protect you and your beloved device. The manufacturer of the laptop normally provides consumers with a warranty for a period of time; typically this is between six months to a year. However with Stone Manor you will still be covered during and after this time frame. See more information.

Benefits of laptop insurance:

  • Super quick and easy to buy
  • Unlimited claims
  • Cover for malicious damage
  • Theft cover
  • Protection of up to £1,500

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