Mobile Safety

From Dec 2003 using a hand-held mobile while driving will be against the law. If caught, you will receive either a fixed-penalty fine of £30 or a fine of up to £1,000 if the matter goes to court.

Never use a hand-held mobile while driving

You should use a hands-free kit or an earpiece. Your T-Mobile retailer has a great range of accessories including car-kits, earpieces and the latest Bluetooth hands-free devices.

Corporate customers should ask their T-Mobile account manager about hands-free options.

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Use voicemail and call back after you've finished your journey.

There is no charge for using voicemail in the UK. Personalise your message so callers know they've reached you.

Setting up voicemail 

Keep your eyes on the road.

  • Never text while driving.
  • You should also avoid dialling while driving (although touching a button to accept a call is allowed).
    Some mobiles allow voice dialling and speed dialling which is much safer, have a look at your manual.

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