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In the UK, T-Mobile fulfils its licensing obligation to cover 99% of the UK population. The network has been subject to significant investment and is the equal of any UK operator with coverage in certain areas significantly better than that of its rivals.

Network roll-out is carried out under the "Ten Commitments" agreed between the major operators as a code of practice after the Governments Stewart Enquiry into the effects of mobile networks on health and the environment.

The Commitments mean that T-Mobile develops its network sensitive to local considerations, in compliance with planning regulations and best practice, and following appropriate consultation.

Full details are available from the Mobile Operators Association via their website on

Details of all UK mast sites can be found on the Office of Communications (Ofcom) website at

A network map for T-Mobile (UK) is available here.


T-Mobile is already trialling a UMTS or 3G service in Germany, to be available in 20 cities. The UK and Austria will follow thereafter. T-Mobile has a strong commitment to the highest of quality levels and because of that will deliver to the mass market only when it is able to guarantee the levels of service quality and supply of reliable devices that our customers have come to expect.

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