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Site security

We don't charge you anything extra to use this website, so all it should cost is what you normally pay to access the internet.

Our secure-server software (SSL-128 bit) encrypts your personal information (including your credit/debit card number and your name and address), converting it into bits of code that can be securely transmitted over the internet. Because of this, the risk of fraud is extremely low.

However, if you are still concerned, you can place your order over the telephone by calling us on 0800 956 5000.

Pricing details

All goods and services displayed on this website are subject to availability. Where certain goods or services are no longer available, or where certain prices have changed, we will endeavour to update the relevant information contained on this website as soon as practicable. However, no price, or other information displayed on this web site will bind us until we have accepted your order. The price you will be charged for any goods or services will be the price in force when your order is accepted by us.

Placing an order

The information displayed on this website represents an opportunity for you to assess the goods and services of T-Mobile. No offer for the sale of these goods or services is being made to you by T-Mobile via the content you have accessed through this website.

Any order you send to us for the purchase of specific goods and/or services constitutes an offer for the goods and/or services selected.

We are not obliged to accept your order. If we do accept your order, a contract will be created at the time we send you an email confirming your order. You will be deemed to have received our acceptance of your offer once we have correctly sent an email to your electronic mail box.

We can only accept orders from persons aged 18 years or older and who are residents of the United Kingdom.

Your order will only be accepted if you supply us with a UK delivery address.


Delivery is free anywhere in the UK. Subject to acceptance of your order, your goods will be despatched to you within five working days.

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