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3G Labs

04 03 2003  
  • T-Mobile International announces roll out of 3G LAB’s Trigenix
  • First announced Europe-wide implementation of Trigenix technology to provide branded, customised t-zones mobile interfaces
  • Demonstrations available on t-zones stands at CeBIT

T-Mobile and 3G LAB today are first to announce a Europe-wide implementation of Trigenix mobile interface technology. T-Mobile will be using 3G LAB’s award-winning Trigenix technology to give its customers access to dedicated t-zones content channels through branded and customised interfaces on mobile phones. 

T-Mobile is highly committed to making mobile data a success – personalisation is a critical component to our strategy. The software will allow T-Mobile customers to personalise various screens on their phone with branded/themed interfaces, supplied by T-Mobile, illustrated with graphics, sound and animation.

“The key requirement for our t-zones strategy is usability: we need to stimulate users to rely on our easy-to-use and compellling services. We believe handsets will get optimised for application specific, user and interest group needs,” said Nikesh Arora, Chief Marketing Officer, T-Mobile International AG. 

“Operators such as T-Mobile have worked hard to create imaginative and compelling data services for their customers – services that are already seeing huge take up,” said Steve Ives, CEO 3G LAB. “This is a very competitive market, and operators need to ensure that they can stay ahead of the game. We’re delighted that T-Mobile has chosen Trigenix to provide customised, branded t-zones interfaces to its customers.” 

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