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BlackBerry launch

Bonn, 12th June 2002  
  • T-Mobile endorses its mobile data strategy with a focus on the corporate market
  • Launch of the BlackBerry solution in Germany with other T-Mobile countries to follow
  • First in market to launch complete end to end solution with voice and browser

T-Mobile announced today that it is committed to focusing on the corporate market with the launch of the " BlackBerry solution" . This end-to-end secure solution enables corporate employees to conveniently access their email and diary applications whilst on the move using the BlackBerry 5820 Wireless Handheld. T-Mobile will be the first to offer a complete solution, with both voice and WAP browser incorporated, allowing users to access content via the T-Mobile online portal. The cooperation with Research In Motion (RIM), developer and manufacturer of BlackBerry, is the continuation of a partnership set up for the American market last year between RIM and VoiceStream, a T-Mobile International company.

" Mobile data is a key focal point in our global strategy as we leverage our competence around delivering superior end-to-end mobile data solutions to both the consumer and corporate market," says Nikesh Arora, Board Member of T-Mobile International responsible for New Business and Global Products. " The corporate market is a critical market with more than 30% of the workforce now mobile. T-Mobile will continue to leverage industry synergies to take the enterprise mobile. The BlackBerry solution is amongst the first of a number of products we will roll out this year."  
T-Mobile will roll out this product in other affiliated countries towards the year-end. 

Martin Witt, head of the Mobile Business Solutions unit at T-Mobile adds," With the BlackBerry solution we are now offering companies not only our time-tested solutions, but new possibilities of involving mobile employees in the corporate information flow via GPRS — using a high-speed, convenient and secure service. The solution will enable employees on the move to utilize unproductive waiting times. This will help to boost productivity. The solution is certainly a worthwhile investment for businesses."

T-Mobile launches the BlackBerry solution consisting of a dual band BlackBerry 5820 Wireless Handheld with BlackBerry Enterprise Server software and a mobile communication contract with an optional data tariff " GPRS Mega" . The unique single mailbox integration with the corporate email inbox and a 'push'-service means that corporate e-mails and diary entries no longer have to be called up actively as they are forwarded automatically to the BlackBerry handheld. The complete solution has a voice function and an Internet browser. A high level of security is provided for data transfer thanks to the end-to-end encryption supported by BlackBerry.

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