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Bonn, 13th March 2002  
  • T-Mobile signs newest client for secure access solutions
  • Marks commitment to taking the enterprise mobile with Microsoft partnership
  • Showcases T-Mobile BlackBerryTM solution

T-Mobile signs newest client for secure access solutions
T-Mobile announced LVM Insurance as its newest client today for its secure access solution, the Mobile IP VPN - a consistent virtual private network based solution for mobile and fixed-network communication. The terms of the agreement mean that by 2003 over 4500 LVM insurance agencies, its mobile employees and LVM head office staff will use T-Mobile's solution, to access client and policy details from mobile devices. Ideal for the transmission of sensitive data, the Mobile IP VPN provides independent connections separate from public networks, such as the Internet, and allow for the secure and reliable transmission of data to and from mobile users. The Solution is seamlessly integrated into an organization's existing infrastructure through a T-Mobile realizes co-operation with Deutsche Telekom and its fixed-network product T-ATM.

Marks commitment to taking the enterprise mobile with Microsoft partnership.
In addition, T-Mobile has also announced its partnership with Microsoft Corp. to work with its .NET suite of products. Together, the two companies have developed an innovative product providing companies with a secure, multifunctional communication platform and hosted office applications. 

Through this agreement, T-Mobile will integrate Microsoft Office to mobile devices, allowing corporate clients to update appointments and emails instantly and seamlessly while mobile. 
The first of these solutions, the Mobile Access Gateway, is targeted to large enterprises and provides mobile access to existing Microsoft Exchange servers within the client's enterprise. In contrast, the Mobile Service Gateway targets small to mid-size organizations and provides a fully hosted service focusing mainly on Personal Information Management (PIM). T-Mobile's mobile business solutions work on any GPRS enabled device such as a mobile phone, PDA or notebook computer. 

The integrated operating system of Microsoft, coupled with the secure access to company networks enables remote access users to operate in a truly mobile enterprise situation, with fast and secure data transmission in real time. Both products have been optimized for the mobile use of Microsoft Outlook - enabling automatic notification of new appointments and messages on PDAs and notebooks. The Microsoft Outlook optimization will be available for both solutions from summer 2002.

Showcases T-Mobile BlackBerryTM solution
These announcements come on the heels of T-Mobile's agreement with Canadian firm Research in Motion's European subsidiary to distribute its BlackBerryTM product as part of its mobile business solutions. T-Mobile is currently showing its BlackBerryTM solution, a voice enabled BlackBerryTM, with a WAP browser that provides all of the functionality of the original email centric device but with the added telecommunications benefit of a mobile telephone and WAP browser. Enterprises can customize T-Mobile BlackBerryTM devices with specialized business or financial information provided by T-Mobile online, the WAP portal for T-Mobile. T-Mobile maintains standard BlackBerryTM features such as an email push alert system, secure access through end-to-end encryption and Intranet availability. This new product will be launched to corporate clients later this year. 

" The main issue facing companies today is not whether to provide remote access to corporate applications but how this should be done," said Nikesh Arora, Executive Board Member, New Business, T-Mobile." Organizations are already prepared to pay a premium for mobility and provide remote access to corporate applications because they have to," continued Arora. " Business users require access to their corporate data independent of time and location, but business communication has to be secure, highly reliable, and scalable in order to provide an efficient end-to-end solution to the business user. T-Mobile has all of these elements in place to aggressively go after this market."

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