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T-Mobile International enables GPRS roaming between Group networks

Bonn/Hanover, 13 March 2023  
  • T-Mobile International enables GPRS roaming between Group networks
  • T-Mobile is one of the first network operators in the world to provide GPRS access to WAP, e-mail and mobile Internet also from abroad
  • New at World Class: SMS (text messages) can now be sent abroad at standard prices

As of 1st April contract customers of the T-Mobile International operators in Germany, Austria, Great Britain, USA and the Czech Republic will also be able to take advantage of the rapid mobile communications technology GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) in the respective associated networks in Europe and the U.S. This makes T-Mobile one of the world's first network operators to enable GPRS roaming between the networks of its subsidiaries. T-Mobile Deutschland also has something new for the users of the optional WorldClass rate who will be able to send short messages abroad at standard prices.

GPRS roaming makes it possible for T-Mobile customers to use all the usual GPRS functionalities on the road. WAP services, e-mail and — in combination with a laptop or PDA — the mobile Internet can be used in the same way as in your home country. When traveling on business, T-Mobile customers will be able to take advantage of all the benefits of GPRS, such as retrieving their e-mail or quickly and conveniently accessing up-to-the-minute travel information from their current location.

T-Mobile's standard prices for all GPRS roaming networks make for transparency: the cost of using WAP is, for example for customers of 
T-Mobile Deutschland, EUR 0.39 per 10-kilobyte data block or part thereof, regardless of whether the T-Mobile customer is dialing into the WAP portal from Chicago or London. By way of comparison, the data volume required for calling up a share price per GPRS averages 6 kilobytes. The calling up of Internet content by mobile costs EUR 1.49 per 250-kilobyte data block or part thereof. In both cases there is an additional daily charge of 
EUR 0.49. For T-Mobile Deutschland customers using the Basic GPRS rate, this fixed price will be reduced to 0.29 euros during the introductory period extending to the end of October 2002; for eco rate users it will be reduced to EUR 0.25. Until that date users of the Profi, pro, Mega and Giga GPRS rates will not have to pay any daily charge at all.

As early as this year, more European countries are expected to become GPRS roaming partners of T-Mobile. The extension of this offer to other non-European countries is planned for next year. GPRS roaming is already operational as part of pilot projects in a number of countries, and 
T-Mobile Deutschland customers can use the services of associated networks in Great Britain, Austria, the Czech Republic, the US and of Era in Poland. Customers of T-Mobile Austria can access the service in Germany, the US and the Czech Republic. And today Voicestream customers are already benefiting from GPRS roaming whenever they visit Austria, Germany or the Czech Republic.

Users of T-Mobile Deutschland's optional WorldClass rate will not only be able to telephone cheaply by mobile from abroad; as of 1st May, T-Mobile Deutschland's WorldClass rate can also be used to send SMS at standard prices in 21 European countries and in the USA. In the WorldClass countries it costs EUR 0.39 to send an SMS via the T-Mobile partner networks and EUR 0.49 via other networks. This does not apply to the U.S., where the non-partner networks are subject to the international roaming prices. The reception of SMS, whether at home or abroad, is free of charge.

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