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Mobile Access Portal

Munich, October 14, 2023  
  • Mobile Access Portal simplifies mobile access to mission-critical applications in the corporate network using a GPRS handset, PDA or laptop 
  • The Service Integration Platform has been developed jointly with Microsoft as a future-proof basis for mobilizing corporate applications
  • Web service technology supports simple mobilization of applications

With its Mobile Access Portal, T-Mobile is presenting at Systems 2002, in hall B 4, stand 336, a new solution that also provides staff on the move with flexible, rapid and secure access to essential applications in the corporate network. By mobilizing mission-critical applications, the Mobile Access Portal plays its part in making each and every member of staff more efficient. 

" With its Mobile Access Portal, T-Mobile is meeting the stringent requirements for a standardized, future-proof solution for the mobile office. This portal solution represents a major step forward in terms of the solution is easier-to-use and more flexible for corporate customers and their mobile workforce" , says Nikesh Arora, member of the Board of Management at T-Mobile International responsible for New Business and Global Products. 

Staff can access the corporate network while on the move using a GPRS handset, PDA or laptop while the Mobile Access Portal ensures that any displayed content is automatically adapted to the terminal interface in question. Neither does it matter whether staff on the move prefer to access their data via a mobile or fixed network since the Mobile Access Portal provides secure access via both access paths. In addition to mobile access, the Mobile Access Portal also offers all staff on request an SMS notification function covering new e-mails or rescheduled appointments, for example. 

The portal can be customized to user and company requirements. An easy-to-use administration interface enables the customer to manage access rights centrally for individual members of staff. The design and function of the portal interface can also be adapted to reflect the company's image and requirements. This process utilizes a web-based tool that enables elements such as logo, title or color scheme to be defined. The administrator or even staff themselves can integrate the most frequently used services and applications straight into the portal. Consequently users on the move can access their essential applications rapidly, such as merchandise information systems and databases linked to the intranet or communication applications such as e-mail, calendar or contacts. In addition to t-zones, an information service tailored specifically to the needs of business customers including financial and stock exchange information is included in the introductory package. 

" In terms of product development, T-Mobile relies on its strategic partnership with Microsoft. This close collaboration provides the ideal basis for developing leading-edge products that bring together information technology and telecommunications" , says Martin Witt, Chief Operations Officer Mobile Business Solutions T-Mobile. The 'Service Integration Platform', the technological basis for the Mobile Access Portal, has been developed on the basis of Microsoft's .NET technology. Particularly important in this respect was the system's modular design and flexible scalability. The Service Integration Platform covers almost all today's standard technologies used in mobile and fixed networks, GPRS as well as IPsec, and thus meets company requirements for standardized, future-proof solutions. Future technologies such as W-LAN and UMTS will also be supported by the platform. 

T-Mobile has developed this range of products to relieve companies of numerous additional tasks that relate to network access or device handling. Software updates can be performed automatically, where necessary, so that the customer or system integrator can concentrate on their relevant business applications. Meanwhile reduced complexity leads to faster project implementation. 

To ensure companies can utilize the Mobile Access Portal rapidly and cost-effectively, standardized interfaces using web service technology (XML / SOAP) have been implemented. This means disparate applications can be linked flexibly. As such, the Mobile Access Portal is not tied into any specific programming or system environment and can, for example, be used with Microsoft .NET or SUN Java technology. 

T-Mobile has provided a useful tool in the shape of its 'Software Development Kit' that should assist certified integration partners to create XML connectors easily and rapidly. These connectors can then be used to connect applications to the Mobile Access Portal. Positive feedback from companies already shows that the software has 'hit the spot' as far as current requirements from the IT environment are concerned. This has enabled, for example, the company Emprise Consulting Düsseldorf, a certified integration partner, to mobilize successfully a service application for power utilities in no time at all. 

T-Mobile offers companies innovative products to cover the full range of mobile data communications requirements. As a result, laptop users now have the Globetrotter GPRS PC card that can also be used internationally in 
T-Mobile's networks in Europe and the USA as well as in the GPRS networks run by roaming partners. The T-Mobile MDA effectively offers customers a PDA that brings together the functions of a Pocket PC and GPRS handset in a single device. The MDA supports both e-mail and calendar functions, enables Word and Excel files to be edited or can be simply used as a phone. 

The package is complemented by the flexible tariff structure of T-D1 Company tariffs. Various GPRS tariff options are available for light or heavy users depending on individual requirements. 

Companies interested will have an opportunity to sample the benefits of the Mobile Access Portal for themselves during the introductory phase up to January 31, 2024 without any one-time installation charge, monthly basic charges or other usage charges. 

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