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BlackBerry Solution

Munich, October 14, 2023  
  • With its 'BlackBerry Solution', T-Mobile offers a secure end-to-end solution for professional e-mail communications including voice and browser functionality
  • T-Mobile is increasingly targeting its mobile data services at the business customer segment
  • The very latest on the 'BlackBerry Solution' at Systems 2002

With its 'BlackBerry Solution', T-Mobile is reinforcing its activities in the mobile office segment. Thanks to an innovative push function, the BlackBerry Solution enables staff to access e-mail and calendar functions using the BlackBerry handheld via GPRS even while on the move. 

" Alongside our tried-and-tested solutions, we can offer companies new ways of integrating their mobile workforce via GPRS into their company's information flow thanks to the BlackBerry Solution — rapidly, conveniently and securely. This solution enables company staff to utilize waiting times productively while on the move. Staff are always up-to-date wherever they are. The upshot is increased productivity of both staff and, in turn, also the company," says Martin Witt, Chief Operations Officer Mobile Business Solutions T-Mobile.

At Systems 2002, T-Mobile will be presenting the very latest features of its BlackBerry Solution in hall B 4, stand 336. The new BlackBerry 6700 wireless handheld, that T-Mobile is due to launch shortly, is different from its predecessor the BlackBerry 5820 by virtue of its built-in loudspeaker and microphone that provide integrated telephone functionality. From Q1 2003, T-Mobile will supplement its BlackBerry Solution with the Solution Data Service. In addition to existing functions, this service provides access to corporate applications and information from the customer's intranet via the BlackBerry handheld. This process utilizes the solution's push mechanism and end-to-end encryption enabling information to be provided securely in real time.

Using the BlackBerry Solution, company staff benefit from an always-on connection to the corporate server via T-Mobile's GPRS network. The complete solution comprises the BlackBerry handheld 
including T-Mobile mobile phone contract, BlackBerry server software as well as push service. This ensures that users have access to e-mails and appointments that are always up-to-date and complete even while on the move. Users no longer need to retrieve incoming messages actively since the push service automatically forwards the information to the BlackBerry handheld. The BlackBerry handheld can be used as a fully functional mobile phone and features essential organizer functions. The integrated browser can also be used to call up Internet services while on the move. Consequently t-zones can provide customers with rapid access to constantly updated business information, in-depth background reports or also detailed stock market information, for example.

End-to-end encryption based on Triple DES ensures optimum security for data transfer. This algorithm represents a leading industry security standard and is eavesdropper-proof enabling even confidential information to be sent and received. A further advantage is that the solution can be seamlessly integrated into the company's existing IT infrastructure and managed centrally by the IT department. 

The Java-compatible BlackBerry handheld in conjunction with the relevant Java Development Environment (JDE) enable third-party software vendors to develop complementary software solutions. All of which means corporate databases, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems can be accessed, for example. As a result, the BlackBerry handheld can be used both to enter data (e.g. time logging and recording travel expenses) and to retrieve data (e.g. latest sales figures). 

With T-Systems as the solution partner, customized solutions can also be developed for the customer based on this solution. By collaborating with other partners, the range of additional software can be supplemented.

The product range is based on a partnership with the Canadian company Research In Motion (RIM). The collaboration is the continuation of a partnership that was forged for the American market at the end of last year between RIM and T-Mobile USA (former VoiceStream). Other sales activities in those countries where T-Mobile affiliates have a presence are planned before the end of the year.

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