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T-Mobile renames mobile portal from T-Motion to T-Mobile online

February 7, 2024 — Berlin, Bonn, London  
  • T-Mobile 2002 global product strategy centres on mobile data
  • New T-Mobile online product to be revealed at CeBIT

T-Mobile announced today that the mobile online services arm, T-Motion will be re-branded and officially renamed T-Mobile online, strengthening its endorsement to mobile data products and establishing itself as a central lever for the T-Mobile competitive advantage in 2002. T-Mobile online will leverage its relationship with its parents, Deutsche Telekom subsidiaries T-Mobile and T-Online with T-Online supplying content and T-Mobile focusing on marketing, mobility, distribution and billing capabilities.

T-Mobile confirmed that mobile data products are a core focus area for future product development and will play a pivotal role in the re-branding of T-Mobile properties. The launch of T-Mobile online is coupled with the introduction of premium, personalised content zones, in areas such as news, finance, sports and information, known as t-zones which will be heavily supported by T-Online and revealed at CeBIT, next month in Hanover. These t-zones, a multi-access product of T-Online, will feature prominently throughout the T-Mobile online product. 

" In the next 12 months we will see tremendous integration throughout T-Mobile as the operators come under one umbrella," said Kai-Uwe Ricke, CEO of T-Mobile. " With the move to T-Mobile online we can swiftly migrate our data products as well — providing some 67 million consumers with global services under one name."

" The integration with T-Mobile ensures our commitment to deliver an end-to-end solution, as we continue to focus on product development and industry innovation," said Nikesh Arora, board member of T-Mobile and responsible for new business development. " T-Mobile online is the realisation of T-Mobile's focus on mobile data. We're starting from an elevated position," continued Arora. " With T-Online's strong background in product innovation, T-Mobile's enviable distribution platform, and a venture fund to fuel development tomorrow, we are surrounded by a solid history and future. A good framework for ensuring continuous innovation and driving users to mobile data."  

Additional endorsement to this strategy sees Arora focusing on global products and business development within the group - which includes Mobile Business Solutions, a business to business division within T-Mobile; in addition to a business development unit, as well as overseeing the T-Mobile Venture Fund - a 100 million euro investment pool within the T-Venture group.

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