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T-Mobile kicks off World Cup Services

May 28, 2023 — London  
  • T-Mobile rolls out the t-zones as part of its mobile data strategy
  • Newly launched t-sports section unveils World Cup zone
  • Competitions for world cup fans and the less fanatic too! 

T-Mobile has launched a series of World Cup services on its mobile data portal, T-Mobile online, to help keep fans in touch with the football events at World Cup 2002. Mobile phone subscribers can access T-Mobile online's t-sports section via WAP or GPRS services or if they do not have an enabled handset they can also subscribe to receive SMS alerts on matches and teams. Estimates are that over seven billion people will follow this year's event. In Europe, a time difference of eight to ten hours puts most football matches right in the middle of the working day — meaning that most fans will have to rely on technology to keep them updated on the event. The immediacy of mobile communications is ideal for this type of situation, responding faster than any other medium to a users personal device — these alerts and WAP updates include the following services:

Live scores, Tables, News, Sports ticker 
From leading sports provider,

Top stories, specific team news, live scores. All the latest stories as they break, plus news on your team and the other 63 nations taking part.

Find the nearest pub showing the games.

Specially developed ringtones for the World Cup. Download your national anthem, or team song to your mobile.

Specially developed icons for the World Cup. Show your support and display your team logo on your mobile.
R Man in Japan A fan's perspective; live reporting from Japan. 

World Cup chat
Designated chat room to discuss WC events, upsets, top scorers etc. 

Digital images of World Cup highlights in our WAP picture gallery. Easily downloaded to handsets such as Ericsson T68

 " On the Beach or On the Ball." A trip to see England play in the World Cup, or alternatively choose a beach holiday in beautiful Phuket, Thailand.

" T-Mobile is committed to launching superior mobile data products and see this as one of the core differentiators to drive for global leadership We will continue to roll out seamless end to end solutions -the t-zones are the first example of a portfolio of global data products to support a global brand" said Nikesh Arora, Executive Board Member, T-Mobile International. 

Trends have shown that people use their mobile phones for data much more when there is a specific event, such as Wimbledon or the Winter Olympics (both of which saw 40% increase in hits as users logged on to get information) where instant updates are worth a premium. This trend is expected to escalate with an event the scale of the World Cup. 

" We see this as an ideal opportunity to deliver mobile data to the mass market and T-Mobile as a global player is in a prime position to do so," said Arora. " Our numbers have doubled since last year — we now have over 6.5 million users and with the addition of colour and java enabled handsets in the market we will see an acceleration of the uptake of these services 

To support t-sports, T-Mobile has also launched an international advertising campaign featuring new product endorsers, Andre Agassi and Stephi Graff. Commercials began airing earlier this month.

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