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T-Mobile and Nokia to provide easy and ready mobile solutions for enterprises

7 February 2024  

Nokia and T-Mobile announced today an initiative to jointly test and market T-Mobile's enterprise services and solutions together with Nokia's range of business terminals. The companies will be able to provide enterprise customers of all sizes with ready-to-use solutions that have been thoroughly tested, combining Nokia's leading range of business terminals and T-Mobile's mobile data services. The first phase of the cooperation will utilize the Nokia D211 multimode radio card with T-Mobile's " Communication Centre" software offering a bundle that makes mobile data easily available to enterprises of all sizes. 

" The enterprise market is very important for Nokia, especially small and medium size enterprises that have no or little IT personnel and infrastructure. These companies are looking for easy-to-use solutions combining business terminals and services that are ready out of the box. We share this view with T-Mobile who, as a leading mobile operator, has developed a compelling service offering. With the Nokia business terminal range, we can offer the full range of mobile workers the right choice for their needs," said Erik Anderson, Senior Vice President, Business Applications, Nokia Mobile Phones.

" The business segment is a critical part of our comprehensive data strategy, and we are committed to develop this market with industry leaders." explains Nikesh Arora, Chief Marketing Officer, T-Mobile " Ease of use, simplicity, and mobility are key to this strategy, with the new T-Mobile Communications Center software, in conjunction with Nokia hardware, we are planning to offer a leading solution in the market and round out our business product portfolio."

Utilizing the Nokia D211 multimode radio card, the bundled solution will allow enterprise customers to easily connect remotely and securely via W-LAN or GPRS to their corporate information resources. The " T-Mobile Communciation Center" will handle all installation, configuration and use of connectivity, security, optimization and application for mobile data communication needs of business users. Basic functions include e-mail, Intranet access, Internet browsing, SMS, or other functions defined by the user. 

Both Nokia and T-Mobile will work to promote the bundled solution together via T-Mobile's channels. With initial deployment in Germany, the collaboration is plannedto include all of T-Mobile's European subsidiaries. For the next phase of the cooperation it is planned to include other state-of-the-art devices like the Nokia 6800 messaging device and the Nokia 3650 imaging phone.

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