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Stefanie Graf and André Agassi New friends of T-Mobile

Bonn, April 24 2002  
  • Global advertising campaign begins April 29th
  • Tennis superstars to endorse T-Mobile worldwide

Stefanie Graf and André Agassi are the newest additions to the T-Mobile team, one of the world's leading mobile telecommunications companies with over 67 million consumers worldwide. This announcement follows the international re-branding campaign of T-Mobile owned operators under the global name of T-Mobile — using world famous names to endorse and raise brand awareness is key to the T-Mobile strategy. 

" Agassi and Graff hold 29 grand slam tennis titles between them, it is this level of excellence and achievement we want to be associated with T-Mobile," said Stephan Althoff, Director of Communications, T-Mobile International. " As this is our first endorsement alliance as T-Mobile International we wanted to ensure the highest caliber in a recognized spokesperson. We are confident that we have made the right choice, bringing the same quality to our marketing endeavors as we do to our product and service offerings."

Both Agassi and Graff will play a central role in the T-Mobile advertising and will be the focus of the new campaign, created by Saatchi & Saatchi, scheduled to air on April 29th, 2002, in international and national media. 

Key to establishing T-Mobile as a global brand with enhanced service offerings will be its mobile data arm, T-Mobile online and the promotion of its easy to use t-zones — mobile data content channels offering top quality information at the touch of a button. t-music, t-games, t-info, t-news and especially t-sports will be featured in the upcoming campaign with Agassi and Graff — featuring the international tagline " Get More."

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