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T-Mobile announces broadband mobile launch
Simple, seamless communications

Cannes 24 February 2004   
  • " 3G is vital but not enough" T-Mobile announces integrated 2G, 3G and WiFi network. One integrated, multi-speed, multi-media network
  • 3G networks active. Network performance exceeds launch expectations.
  • Aggressive WiFi HotSpot expansion programme
  • 2G / 3G data cards and handsets. 2G / 3G / WiFi data cards and handsets
  • Focus on simplicity and seamless customer experience. Every element of customer delivery chain planned end-to-end: network, devices, content, applications, tariffs, customer service
  • Seamless tariffs for broadband - 3G and WiFi - and 2G / GPRS
  • Pan-European broadband Customer Service Centre open
  • Rolling 3G / WiFi launches from Spring onwards

In a major presentation at the 3GSM Congress in Cannes today, T-Mobile announced its strategy and launch programmes for broadband mobile and the launch of 3G services, integrated with WiFi, from Spring onwards.

T-Mobile also announced that it had planned its approach to broadband mobile from end-to-end, bringing together network, devices, content, applications, tariffs and customer service as one co-ordinated whole in order to give the best customer experience and value.

The presentation covered:

  • T-Mobile's vision
  • T-Mobile's broadband strategy
  • T-Mobile's strength and experience in WiFi
  • T-Mobile's planned launches and tariff strategy
  • A programme to bring mobile broadband to 100 European universities in conjunction with Cisco, Intel and IBM.

Summaries of the key points are attached. Further details will be announced at CEBIT next month.

Chief Executive of T-Mobile Group, Rene Obermann, said:
" Our strategy is different. We have thought through our customers' minds: what would make sense to you as an individual or as a business. Mobile is now entering the broadband world: it's the equivalent of moving from the typewriter to the PC. It's crucial for our customers and for all of us that we get this right: we can learn from the mistakes of WAP and from the success of T-Zones, the leader in today's multi-media services.

" One thing is certain. Mobile is getting more complicated; but customers demand it must get simpler to use. So simplicity is a core ingredient of our approach.

" All our experience and research tells us that 3G is vital; but it's not enough. Customers want what's best for their needs. If you want data, you'll want 3G rather than 2G; but if you can access pure broadband via WiFi, you'll want that. So, we have created one multi-speed, seamless network, integrating 2G, 3G and WiFi. This alone differentiates T-Mobile's approach.

" T-Mobile has the benefit of already being the clear mobile leader in WiFi. It's a lead we intent to expand and it will give us and our customers clear competitive advantage."

" But network and access are not enough either. The services of tomorrow require network, devices, content, applications, tariffs and customer service all to be planned as one integrated whole. That's what we've done today.

" The result is simple, seamless communications, backed by great service and great value."

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