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T-Mobile International increases its customer base in majority shareholdings

Bonn, 27 January 2024  
  • T Mobile with 61 million customers in its majority owned countries
  • Germany reports in 2003 stronger customer growth than in 2002
  • USA grows customer base by one third to 13.1 million
  • T-Mobile Netherlands welcomes its 2 million customer

T-Mobile International increased its customer base in majority shareholdings by 7.1 million from 53.9 million to 61.0 million customers. Despite extensive streamlining of T-Mobile UK's customer base in 2003, the net customer additions at T-Mobile International were at approximately the same level as last year. Thus even the European markets with high penetration rates recorded further customer growth. With that T-Mobile was once again the mainstay of Deutsche Telekom AG's growth in the fourth quarter. It continued to successfully implement its strategy of qualitative growth in important markets, with an increase in the number of contract customers. 

At T-Mobile Deutschland, the number of customers increased by 705,000 in the fourth quarter, of which 441,000 were new contract customers. In the course of the year, an increase of over 1.7 million customers was achieved. Thus T-Mobile Deutschland recorded more net additions in 2003 year than in 2002. With over 26.3 million customers, T-Mobile Deutschland reconfirmed its position as a leading provider in the German mobile communications market. 

T-Mobile USA increased the number of customers by 51.5 percent compared with the previous quarter to 1.02 million customers. This strong growth is primarily attributable to the traditionally strong Christmas period. This puts T-Mobile USA clearly in second place in terms of customer growth compared with all U.S. mobile communications companies. 

In 2003, the number of customers at T-Mobile USA increased by over 32 percent or 3.2 million to over 13.1 million. T-Mobile USA focused here on high-quality growth in the customer base: The number of new contract customers increased in the fourth quarter by 28.4 percent compared with the previous quarter to 891,000. Over the entire year, T-Mobile USA achieved an increase of 3.1 million contract customers. At the end of 2003, 89 percent of all T-Mobile USA customers were contract customers. 

T-Mobile UK increased the number of customers in the United Kingdom in 2003 by 9.7 percent or 1.2 million to 13.6 million (incl. Virgin Mobile). With approximately 161,000 additional contract customers in the fourth quarter alone, T-Mobile UK once more recorded a substantial improvement in this segment compared with the previous quarter. This represents the strongest growth in contract customers in the last three years. 

T-Mobile Netherlands just now could welcome its 2 million customer after ending 2003 with just under 2.0 million customers. This represents an increase of 13.2 percent over the course of the year. Approximately 147,000 customers were added in the fourth quarter alone. 

The number of customers at T-Mobile CZ increased by more than 0.4 million in the past financial year to just under 4.0 million, and T-Mobile Austria succeeded in keeping its number of customers stable at more than 2.0 million. 

The number of mobile customers in all Deutsche Telekom's majority shareholdings, including the Hungarian company, Westel, and the Slovakian company, EuroTel Bratislava, increased over the entire year by 13 percent or 7.6 million to 66.2 million customers. 

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