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T-Mobile calls for Government recognition of the importance of mobile working

  • T-Mobile UK launches White Paper to investigate why public sector adoption of mobile working has been slow to date
  • T-Mobile calls for the Government to make mobile working a major element of the Transformational Government agenda
  • Mobile technology can help the public sector to deliver and share services

October 4th 2006, London: In advance of the first anniversary of the Cabinet Office Transformational Government report , T-Mobile UK today calls for the Government to make mobile working a cornerstone of the ‘transformation’ agenda.

To investigate the reasons why adoption of mobile working has been slow to date, T-Mobile is launching a White Paper entitled, “The role of Mobile Technology in Transformational Government”.  As a result of the findings, T-Mobile argues that mobile working must be incorporated into any future Transformational Government strategies. The report also provides advice on how to implement a successful mobile working project.

It is clear that in order to achieve the Government’s target saving of £21.5 billion by 2008, greater use of mobile technology is vital.  While more public sector organisations are using technology to deliver services designed around the needs of citizens, mobile working has not been a major element of the Transformational Government to date.

Transformational Government is all about using technology to join up and share services more efficiently.  This is something that mobile working undoubtedly has the capacity to deliver,” says Ed Williams, Head of Data Strategy at T-Mobile UK. “Whilst adoption has been slow to date, there is much anecdotal evidence to suggest that those public sector organisations that are using mobile technology are already reaping many benefits.”

One of those organisations is Dundee City Council, which has used mobile technology to improve the efficiency and performance of a range of departments, including environmental health, trading standards, social work and housing benefits.  Ged Bell, IT Implementation Manager, for Dundee City Council comments, “In our organisation, our social workers and council tax collectors use mobile technology very effectively. Whereas once these staff would have had to waste an enormous amount of time travelling back to the office to fill in and file paperwork, the use of mobile technology ensures that data only needs to be captured once on site, thus delivering major efficiency and productivity benefits for us.”

T-Mobile also believes that greater support and advice for local authorities could help to ensure that there are many more instances of successful mobile working implementations in the future. 

“The opportunities for mobile working and the associated benefits for local government services remain substantial and very attainable if the right measures are put in place.  More education on the potential benefits of mobile working for government organisations is required in order to build momentum and demand for the mobilisation of public sector workers.  Much of this must come from central government itself and it is to be hoped that future Government reports and discussions will place more emphasis on the role of mobile technology within the transformational agenda,” concludes Ed Williams.  



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Transformational Government; Enabled by Technology, Cabinet Office Report, Cm6683, November 2005


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