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Accountancy staff save 148 working hours per year thanks to mobile technology

  • Accountancy and finance executives save 38 minutes per working day
  • Average personal productivity increase of 16% and speed of response boosted by 25%
  • Access to email, corporate applications and improved work/life balance noted as primary benefits
  • Nearly a quarter believe that mobile technology helps their firms to make more money

December 7th 2006, London: Accountants and finance executives are enjoying significant time savings thanks to the use of mobile technology. A survey conducted by YouGov Plc, in association with T-Mobile, has revealed that the use of mobile technology saves accountancy and finance professionals over 38 minutes per working day.  This equates with an annual time saving of over 148 hours.

On average, accountancy employees spend over 16% of their time away from the office, primarily visiting clients.  Laptops with either Wi-Fi capability or data cards for internet access are the most popular mobile working devices, with a further 20% of executives opting to use BlackBerrys.

When investigating the benefits of mobile technology use, over half (54%) state that the ability to review and send email when out of the office is vital.  Over a third (34%) appreciate remote access to corporate applications, such as specialist accounting software, while 29% acknowledge an improved work/life balance.  Those surveyed also noted an average personal productivity increase of over 16% and an increase in speed of response to client queries of 25%.

While this research has demonstrated widespread adoption of mobile technology by finance executives, Derek Williamson, Head of Business Marketing at  T-Mobile UK, urges those that have not yet invested to consider the potential benefits.  “When compared to other sectors, evidence suggests that accountancy adoption of mobile technology is one of the highest because the Return on Investment (RoI) has been embodied by major productivity and efficiency increases.  Use of mobile technology has also had an effect on client relationships, so much so that an immediate or very quick response is now expected by customers.  Mobile technology helps ensure that this expectation can be met.”

Half of those surveyed stated that mobile technology had an effect on the profitability of the companies that they worked for and nearly a quarter (22%) believe that it had helped the business to make more money.  56% stated that their firm’s original investment in mobile technology has paid for itself.

One accountancy practice, which has already benefited from mobile technology use is Sayers Butterworth.  Based in London, Sayers Butterworth was established in 1902 and employs 6 partners and 34 staff.  It relies heavily on mobile technology, for its auditors who spend most of their time visiting clients, and its tax consultants, many of whom work at home.  Paul Ffitch, partner at Sayers Butterworth, explains how equipping employees with mobile technology has benefited the company. “An increase in efficiency has brought about various benefits for the firm, not least the fact that it has freed up time for our staff, allowing us more opportunity to spend time with our clients, learning more about them, both in terms of their businesses and on an individual level.  This greatly improves our client relationships. 

Ffitch continues, “The efficiency gains that mobile working have brought about has also allowed our trainees extra time to devote to their professional studies and revision and, perhaps most importantly, it has allowed our senior staff more time with the graduates to help them develop professionally.”

This survey of over 280 financial directors, auditors, accountants and finance executives was conducted by YouGov in November 2006.


All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov Plc. The survey was carried out online. The figures have not been weighted.


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