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T-Mobile appoints Allison Murray as Corporate Responsibility Manager

1st August 2007, London: T-Mobile UK has appointed Allison Murray as Corporate Responsibility Manager. In this role, she is responsible for bringing together T-Mobile’s existing corporate responsibility activities into a unified strategy. T-Mobile has been committed to corporate responsibility across health and safety, environmental management, community affairs, sustainable procurement, child safety and mobile phones, community investment and employee engagement for many years. In this role, Allison will co-ordinate and work with managers leading these existing activities across the business and introduce and promote new initiatives.

Allison joins T-Mobile from DHL Express (UK) Ltd where she was Corporate Responsibility Manager. Her role involved developing a corporate responsibility strategy for the UK and reporting on its business impact. After graduating, Allison, a Canadian national, worked in South-East Asia for two and a half years for an international development agency, looking at increasing access to IT in developing countries. She then moved to Geneva where she worked for the United Nations’ humanitarian assistance division, improving information resources for emergency telecommunications practitioners. Allison’s first corporate responsibility role came in the UK for the International Business Leaders’ Forum, co-ordinating businesses, NGOs and governments to provide IT centres in underprivileged schools in South Africa.

Since joining T-Mobile, Allison has overseen the introduction of several new initiatives. For example, a scheme to make it easier to recycle mobile phones by providing a freepost bag in the box of every new mobile device sold by T-Mobile online, in store and through partners. T-Mobile has also launched a dedicated section on its website covering the issue of mobile safety for children, with input and advice from the NSPCC, and take up of its employee volunteering scheme has increased from 1.5 per cent to ten per cent of the company’s UK workforce since January. In the longer-term, some of the key areas T-Mobile will continue to focus on include environmental management and child safety.

“T-Mobile is doing a lot of great work acting as a responsible business, however, it’s important to get all of these activities aligned under one banner,” says Allison. “I will be ensuring that these existing activities, and those that are introduced, are communicated effectively to our stakeholders so that there is a complete understanding of T-Mobile as a business and that we are being open, honest and transparent about how we’re managing our business impacts.”

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