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T-Mobile goes handset and hassle-free

Use your old phone to get more free minutes and texts

Key features:

  • T-Mobile’s new just SIM tariff gives value in texts and calls, not in a subsidised handset
  • Three new price plans for £20, £30 and £40 per month
  • 30p for anytime, any UK network calls and 10p for anytime, any network texts
  • Hassle-free freedom with more value than an 18 month tariff

London, UK – 25 September 2007: T-Mobile today announces just SIM - its new handset free tariff. just SIM is designed for people who want to hold on to their old handsets and get good value on calls and texts without the long-term commitment. With a monthly rolling contract, customers have the freedom to move with just 30 days notice.

With three simple packages, customers can get up to 1,200 call minutes and 3,000 text messages each month, with flat roll-on rates of 30p per minute for calls and 10p for texts. In fact, compared to all T-Mobile 18-month tariffs that include a free handset, customers can as much as triple the amount of inclusive calls and texts they receive each month.

just SIM is ideal for those in changing money situations who don’t want long-term financial obligations, or those who are just happy to hold onto their old phone. The tariff gives customers value where they want it, with the freedom to move after 30 days.

Phil Barden, Director of Consumer Business, T-Mobile, said: “We’ve listened to what our customers want from their mobile provider, and that’s simplicity and greater value. Whilst eighteen-month contracts have given people better month-on-month deals and cheaper handsets, this tariff takes a completely different approach and delivers even greater value and simplicity. ”

Barden continued: “We’re rewarding people who provide their own handsets with minutes and texts. With no long-term contract, just SIM is an intermediate option between PAYG and longer contracts and gives customers the freedom to choose a new handset and a longer contract when they’re ready.”

This new tariff is available to new and existing customers from 26 September 2023 at T-Mobile stores and online at Customers will require a compatible handset, which means that handsets may need unlocking. Other network providers may charge to do this.

Notes to Editors

Just SIM pricing:

Just SIM pricing:
Tariff Cost Contract Inclusive minutes Inclusive texts On-net (per min) Off-net (per min) Landlines (per min) Texts (each)
just SIM 20 £20 30 days 300 500 30 30 30 10
just SIM 30 £30 30 days 800 1000 30 30 30 10
just SIM 40 £40 30 days 1200 3000 30 30 30 10


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T-Mobile is one of the world’s largest mobile operators with more than 91 million customers worldwide and in the UK it is the network of choice for approaching 17 million customers, making it one of the largest networks.

T-Mobile has a range of innovative products and services such as Flext, a unique tariff with flexible pricing; U-Fix, a tariff that combines pay-as-you-go and a monthly contract and Web'n'Walk, which enables customers to surf websites on the move. T-Mobile's network coverage is among the best in the UK (over 99% of the UK population) with one of the lowest dropped call rates. It offers the largest worldwide Wi-Fi network, with over 1,000 HotSpots in business-friendly locations in the UK and 21,000 worldwide, and offers the fastest 3G network across the UK with speeds of up to 1.8mb per second.

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