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Caller Tunes

04 December 2003
  • T-Mobile launches Caller Tunes – the first personalised ring back tone service in Europe
  • More than 100 exciting tunes from Universal Mobile artists
  • Easy to set-up and use; available on any T-Mobile handset

Available in Europe for the first time as of today, Caller Tunes is an exciting new service that offers T-Mobile UK customers the unique advantage of personalising the sound callers hear before you answer their call. Rather than the ubiquitous ‘ring ring’, those trying to get in touch will have the pleasure of enjoying your favourite tune while waiting for you to answer.

T-Mobile customers can initially choose from over 100 songs made available in partnership with Universal Mobile. Tunes range from the latest UK chart hits such as “Crashed the Wedding“ (Busted) or “Where is the Love“ (Black Eyed Peas), to Pop, Soul or Rock classics, including “I will survive“ (Gloria Gaynor) or “I feel good“ (James Brown), to film music, such as “Son of a Preacher Man“ (Dusty Springfield). Seasonal tunes including “Do they know it’s Christmas“ (Band Aid) and “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree“ (Brenda Lee) are also part of the portfolio on offer from T-Mobile. 

To listen to a demonstration of Caller Tunes, please call 07953-980-000. (This demo number will be available until 12. December 2003)

“Personalisation is a key customer desire, which mobile is ideally suited to enable. It is therefore a central T-Mobile strategy,” comments Nikesh Arora, Chief Marketing Officer of T-Mobile. “Nearly 70% of our downloads this year were ringtones, highlighting the strong consumer demand for personalised services. Caller Tunes will take this further. It’s simple, fun and here in time for Christmas.“

Cédric Ponsot, CEO of Universal Mobile comments: "Caller Tunes marks a significant milestone in the growing relationship between music and mobile phones, and we are delighted that our relationship with T-Mobile means customers can access a wide variety of songs from Universal Music's catalogue. Our world-leading roster of artists also benefits from the introduction of this service through a new, exciting avenue of expression for their creative output."

Pricing & availability
Caller Tunes are available to prepay and contract T-Mobile customers, regardless of the phone they use. Customers can choose their favourite tune by browsing and pre-listening to the portfolio of Caller Tunes via their mobile phones or the T-Mobile website (www.t-mobile.co.uk). Then, set-up of Caller Tunes is made easy: simply text (SMS) or call (IVR) the code of the song requested to 454545. The service may also be deactivated in the same way.

Caller Tunes costs £1.50 for the set-up of a new tune, plus a monthly charge of £1. For customers that want to be amongst the first to try Caller Tunes, T-Mobile offers a promotion with no monthly charge until March 2004.

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