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T-Mobile launches ‘Mix It’ – a groundbreaking way of managing mobile phone costs

03 July 2023

T-Mobile UK, one of the world’s leading mobile communications companies, today announced the launch of a radical new concept in managing mobile phone bills called ‘Mix It’. 

Designed to appeal to pay as you go (PAYG) customers, Mix It combines the control over budgets that PAYG users prefer, with the value and range of subsidised handsets that comes with having a contract. 

Now T-Mobile PAYG users can choose the monthly price plan that best suits the way they use their phone, complete with inclusive call minutes and allowances, then ‘paying as they go’ for any additional calls or services. 

Customers remain in control 
This means that customers remain in complete control of their monthly budgets, setting a limit on their spending. If they wish to use their phone beyond the allowance included in their monthly price plan, they simply top up using normal PAYG methods (such as e-top up cards, vouchers or credit cards). 

Mix It customers can be secure in the knowledge that every monthly bill will be exactly the same - unless they have chosen to add other services - offering a simple and flexible way to manage their money. 

In addition, T-Mobile is offering a new way for families to manage their call costs. Parents and carers will now have the ability to keep in touch with their children, whilst ensuring that charges are managed sensibly and centrally. Family members’ individual phones can be put onto different call plans (all billed to a single address) with the elasticity of a PAYG top up option for each different mobile number. 

Sandy Munro, director of marketing at T-Mobile UK, said: “We know from conversations with our pay as you go customers that managing their call charges is very important to them. But we also recognise that having a pay monthly contract would work out to be good value and offers a wider choice of handsets. That’s why we came up with Mix It, which offers the best of both worlds, flexibility and control.

“At T-Mobile we have a heritage of innovation. After all, we were the first to offer pay as you go as an option. More recently, we were first to include Everyone minutes in our pay monthly call allowances, as well as offering flat rates to all UK networks in our pioneering Pay as you go Everyone pricing. 

“Mix It is no exception - this is a totally new concept for the industry, no other network is offering this kind of deal.” 

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