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T-Mobile implements Mobile Workforce Management Solution

Parallax solution uses GPRS for network maintenance
13 March 03

T-Mobile, one of the world’s leading mobile communications companies, today announced its implementation of a Mobile Workforce Management Solution (MWMS), an exclusive planning and communications tool that will maximise the efficiency of T-Mobile’s 200 field-based network technicians. 

The new solution, known as Parallax, links field technicians into the operator’s central IT systems, handling network repair and maintenance work schedules electronically over the T-Mobile GPRS network. Information is received in the field via a Panasonic P1 handheld terminal.

Parallax will also improve the two-way information flow between field technicians and Network Operations, facilitating more detailed and up-to-date planning and reporting of network maintenance.

Steven Boyne, Senior Project Analyst at T-Mobile, commented: “It makes sense for us to make use of the GPRS network to improve our network efficiency. T-Mobile is putting its ‘money where its mouth is’ and demonstrating confidence in its own systems. 

“Parallax will improve the way we allocate work to, and gather information from, our field-based technicians. We will then use that information to continually improve our processes, network design, and network maintenance, generating management indicators that will enable us to understand – and thus improve – our effectiveness.

“T-Mobile’s end objective is to market the Parallax solution to its own corporate customers, particularly those with a significant number of field-based employees.”

Following a successful proof of concept, T-Mobile selected Aspective and PwC as the solution implementers, and Aspective to manage the Parallax service.

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