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T-Mobile targets the SOHO business market

14 January 2024
  • Targeted business services including up to 25% off monthly bills, free trials, tariff checks four times a year and priority next day handset replacement
  • SOHO business market says the mobile phone is their most valuable business tool

T-Mobile, one of the world's leading communications companies, today announced its new SOHO (small office and home office) targeted business services. These services specifically target small office/home office workers, offering savings of up to 25% as well as making life easier for the UK’s busy entrepreneurs. 

The tailored SOHO service focuses on four key business areas:

  • Performance – free business customer service – advice and support helpline; 30-day satisfaction guarantee; free next day handset replacement as well as the reliability of the T-Mobile network.
  • Lifetime value – free account health checks four times a year for every business to ensure they are on the most competitive rate to suit their changing needs. Everyone price plans – enables businesses to call any UK network, any time; and voicemail extra – allows business owners to receive more messages with higher capacity voicemail and stores them for a longer period.
  • Ideas – Free 14-day trial of alldayPA – the personal assistant service that answers calls and manages an appointment diary, types and sends emails; free one month trial of Priority Line - a second number for important clients to call while diverting the rest to voicemail or alldayPA; and 50 free text messages in the first month.
  • A good deal – save up to 25% off monthly bills; free voicemail; itemised billing; free handset insurance for 12 months and free handset upgrade (applicable to 24-month contract).

Additional features also include reduced international call charges, group call - a conference call facility for up to 20 people; group text and voice messaging - great for reaching the team or letting customers know about special offers.

“T-Mobile’s strategy in the UK is entirely focused on delivering compelling and relevant services,” comments Clent Richardson, T-Mobile chief sales and marketing officer. 

“The key to unlocking the business market is in services that the customer wants, will use and which bring tangible benefits – value for money and more importantly to save time.

“There are many challenges to running a small business and the T-Mobile SOHO service has been tailored to unconstrain their mobile communications and make their business life easier.” 

Richardson concluded: “T-Mobile’s success in the consumer market has been built on our passionate focus to ensure that our services meet customer needs. We have extended this approach to the business sector and are confident that small business owners will quickly recognise how our service can make their business life easier.”

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