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Starbucks and T-Mobile expand wireless offering in the UK

LONDON; 06 March 2023

Starbucks Coffee Company (UK) Ltd and T-Mobile UK, today announced a national rollout programme of T-Mobile HotSpots to bring broadband wireless Internet to Starbucks stores in 21 major towns and cities throughout the UK by the end of May. The announcement follows the successful pilot programme in six Starbucks stores located in London and Birmingham .

The T-Mobile HotSpot programme means that customers can check their e-mail, access their corporate intranet, surf the Internet or download multi-media presentations in the comfort of a Starbucks store. Running on the Wi-Fi 802.11b IEEE standard, the connection provides speeds of up to 20 times faster than standard dial-up Internet access. 

From 31st March four pre-pay tariffs will be introduced giving customers flexibility and choice, depending on their usage requirements: 
Hour pass £5.50
Day pass £16.50
Month pass* £47.00
120 minute allowance* 14.00

*Promotional tariff

In August 2002, Starbucks and T-Mobile launched a pilot programme to offer high-speed wireless broadband access in two UK Starbucks stores and one in Germany following the successful roll out of 2,100 stores in the US. 

The UK pilot programme has provided a strong customer response leading to the decision to proceed with a broader hotspot deployment. This continued roll out maintains T-Mobile’s global leading position in bringing wireless technology to business people on the move. 

Graham Rivers, director of business development and strategy at T-Mobile comments: “Throughout the year, the T-Mobile HotSpot service will expand through new alliances with brands trusted by the business traveler in locations such as airports and hotels. Wireless LAN technology is just one part of our portfolio of mobile business services, complementing our 3G strategy and providing customers with quality services in convenient locations.”

“The Starbucks alliance is key to T-Mobile’s drive in delivering a comprehensive global network of HotSpots for our business customers in the most convenient locations. As Starbucks is a major brand, frequented by business people seeking a relaxing environment to work in, an alliance with them was a natural choice.”

Cathy Heseltine, marketing director, Starbucks Coffee Company (UK) Ltd. commented, “Customers can really make Starbucks their own, whether it’s a place for work or relaxation. We are delighted this roll-out will enable even more of our stores to provide a comforting and stimulating atmosphere for mobile professionals to check their emails, surf the web or download files, while enjoying their coffee. ” 

The service fully supported by a dedicated T-Mobile customer service team. 

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