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Rolling stones Licks European Tour 2003

Munich, 4th June 2003
  • T-Mobile unveils next stage in sponsorship of The Rolling Stones’ European Licks tour
  • New advertising campaign for t-zones urges customers to “Let your rock & roll out
  • Extensive Rolling Stones content available through t-music
  • Major marketing programme across five European markets

T-Mobile today unveiled the major marketing activity underpinning its sponsorship of the European leg of rock legends’ The Rolling Stones Licks World Tour, which starts in Munich this evening.

The tour sponsorship is a further example of T-Mobile’s strategy of joining forces with the biggest brands in entertainment in order to provide cutting-edge mobile multimedia content via t-zones.

The sponsorship will be a key element of t-zones this summer, supported by an extensive advertising campaign across five European markets, which develops the “What will you start?” theme introduced in April. 

The advertising, which will run in the UK, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic, continues the challenge to customers to “start something” in t-zones. Its guiding principle is that everyone has a bit of rock ‘n’ roll in them, and the strapline encourages customers to “Let your rock ‘n’ roll out”. 

A 30-second TV execution has been produced, directed by Leigh Marling and Rob Leggatt of Blue Source. The central character is a young man in a seaside location who is listening to a polyphonic ringtone of a Rolling Stones track via his mobile. 

As in previous t-zones ads, the music starts an idea that becomes contagious. The man encounters a female busker who stops her classical recital, choosing instead to smash up her violin in true rock star style.

As he continues his journey, the man also passes an air-guitar playing waiter and a group of stage-diving, crowd-surfing tourists, before the soundtrack melts into a polyphonic ringtone of “You got me rocking” by The Rolling Stones. The ad ends with footage from The Rolling Stones Licks concert from New York.

The TV campaign will start in Germany, and will also run in the UK, Austria, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic at varying times until the end of August. The media schedule reflects the timing of The Rolling Stones concerts in each country.

To support the sponsorship of the Licks tour, an exclusive selection of Rolling Stones content has been added to t-zones from today.

This includes MMS content, downloadable colour images and wallpaper, supplied via T-Mobile’s partnership with Universal Mobile. More than 25 legendary tracks from the Forty Licks album, including “Brown Sugar” and “Angie” are also available as downloadable ringtones from t-music.

Nikesh Arora, chief marketing officer, T-Mobile, comments: ”The new TV campaign continues our call to customers to start taking up mobile multimedia services on a wide scale. Our ultimate aim is to see a 20% data revenue contribution by the end of 2004. 

“Our partnership with Universal Mobile, and our sponsorship of The Rolling Stones Licks European tour is further evidence that we are working with the biggest names in entertainment. We are translating these big-name partnerships into compelling content and services for our customers.” 

T-Mobile has also teamed up with Nokia in the UK, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, for promotional activities around the Nokia 3650 handset, which is fully compatible with t-zones.

Sponsorship of the European leg of the Licks World Tour covers 40 dates in 14 countries, ending in London on 14 September.

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