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New Relax pay as you go tariff from T-Mobile

  • New 5p/min call rate to landlines and all UK mobile networks
  • Potential savings of up to 59% compared to other UK networks*
  • Latest stage of T-Mobile’s “Relax” strategy of simple, attractive pricing
London, 2nd August 2004

T-Mobile UK today unveils the latest stage of its “Relax” tariff strategy, with major improvements to its pay as you go pricing. The new “Relax pay as you go” price plan introduces a 5p/min call rate to any landline or UK network.

T-Mobile’s “Relax” strategy provides attractive, straightforward pricing to customers. Relax pricing allows customers to call anyone, at any time, with no peak rates or extra charges for calling other UK mobile networks. The improved “Relax pay as you go” pricing fulfils this strategy by rewarding loyal customers with lower call rates.

Qualifying for the special 5p/min rate is simple: it targets customers who spend £40 or more per month for three consecutive months. All services, including voice calls, text messages, picture messages, and downloads from t-zones, contribute to the £40 spend.

In any subsequent month, whenever a qualifying customer spends over £40, the calls they make for the remainder of that month are halved to just 5p/min. The lower rate can mean savings of up to 59% compared to other UK mobile networks.*

Existing T-Mobile customers who are eligible for the 5p/min rate will be automatically identified and rewarded with the new rate.

Sandy Munro, Director of Marketing at T-Mobile UK, said: “The new 5p/min rate is another step in our efforts to give customers lower, more attractive tariffs.

“We want to reward the loyalty of our high-usage customers, many of whom prefer the flexibility and control of pay as you go. With our new 5p/min call rate these customers really can feel relaxed about using their phones whenever they want to.”

With Relax pay as you go from T-Mobile, charges apply to calls to any UK mobile network, as well as local and national landlines, at any time, day or night. Voicemail retrieval within the UK is free for all T-Mobile pay as you go customers.

* Cost comparisons are based on making 480 minutes of calls each month as follows: 50% peak time, 25% evenings, 25% weekends; and 36% local and national, 38% own network and 26% to other networks, and 30 voicemail minutes per month, based on a 1 minute call each day. Comparisons made against Vodafone, Orange and Virgin, with up to 59% saving possible when compared against Vodafone

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