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Enjoy Athens 2004 with T-Mobile and FreeMove

  • Special services for customers of the world’s largest mobile alliance
  • Simple, convenient top-up for Pay as you go customers
  • Familiar home services available to customers on the move

London, 6th August 2004, 2004.

T-Mobile UK today announced special top-up and other services for customers travelling to Athens for the Olympics to stay in touch with friends and family and share their experiences.

Pay as you go customers of T-Mobile, in common with all other members of the “FreeMove” alliance, will benefit from fast and easy top-up of their accounts at more than 375 different service locations in Greece, including 225 in Athens and another 150 on the islands. These include all the shops of TIM Hellas, the FreeMove operator in Greece.

To top-up, Pay as you go customers need only go to one of these locations, which will be easily identified by the FreeMove logo.

T-Mobile customers will also have access to other familiar services whilst in Greece. Once connected to the network of TIM Hellas, customers will be in their “home environment” and can identify incoming calls, access voicemail, send text messages or speak to customer services by dialling the familiar 150 short code. Customers with camera phones will be able to share their favourite Olympic moments by sending Picture Mesaages (MMS) from Athens to their friends at home.

To help visitors get into the Olympic spirit, FreeMove and Time-Out magazine have produced an information guide for tourists and sport fans alike, including details of all services available during their stay. Copies of the complimentary guide will be distributed throughout the Games and include a map of the locations where customers can top-up their mobiles quickly and easily.

The FreeMove alliance was formed by T-Mobile together with Orange, Telefónica Móviles and Telecom Italia Mobile with a view to providing a unified offering to both business and consumer customers. It brings together 170 million managed customers in 21 European territories and some 230 million customers worldwide.

The 2004 Olympic Games take place between 11-29 August 2004.


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