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T-Mobile UK leads the way in billing accuracy

  • First provider to satisfy new regulations
  • Standard achieved for wide range of services – including 2.5G/3G
  • 10 million accuracy checks every month

T-Mobile UK has added another first in satisfying customers, by becoming the first communications provider to fully satisfy new regulations on metering and billing accuracy. This means that T-Mobile customers can be confident of correct charging, whether downloading the latest data services, sending a text message or making a voice call.

National Quality Assurance (NQA), the telecoms audit body, has concluded that T-Mobile satisfies all aspects of the regulations for timely and accurate charging of Electronics Communications Services. The announcement can be seen on Ofcom's website at:


and at NQA's website at


Last January, NQA confirmed that T-Mobile's voice services were the first to meet the tough new targets set by the regulator. T-Mobile’s SMS and data services have now been judged to be just as reliable. This is a double first: as well as being first to meet the standards on a wide range of services, T-Mobile is also the first to meet the accuracy benchmark for advanced data services transmitted via 3G as well as GPRS.

Customers of other telecoms providers using the T-Mobile network also receive protection from T-Mobile's compliance. For example, overseas customers roaming on T-Mobile in the UK and customers of T-Mobile’s wholesale partners can have confidence in the accuracy of the information passed on to third party providers by T-Mobile.

All communications providers with an annual turnover in excess of £40 million are required under General Condition 11 of the General Conditions of Entitlement to apply for approval of their metering & billing systems. The requirements are detailed in the Metering and Billing Direction, and T-Mobile is first to gain this approval. Providers are required to perform several hundred thousand checks on accuracy every month; T-Mobile performs more than 10 million monthly checks. The Direction also sets deadlines for timely presentation of charges to customers, requirements for complaint-handling processes, and safeguards over the quality and content of pricing brochures.

Liliana Solomon, Chief Financial Officer at T-Mobile UK, commented: "This builds on our previous successes in protecting customers and in ensuring the absolute integrity of our charging against our agreed tariffs. In being first to get approval without restrictions, including advanced data services sent via 3G and GPRS, we are setting an example for others to follow. Our customers can rely upon the guarantee that comes from a completely independent audit of our systems and processes."


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