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T-Mobile picture messages now less than the price of a 1st class postage stamp: 
Customers provided with the best in class camera phone experience

n        Picture messaging price drops to 20p

n        Sony Ericsson D750i phone exclusive to T-Mobile in-stores June 1

n        Launch of T-Mobile Kodak Mobile service for online storing, editing, sharing and printing

London, UK, May 16th 2005: T-Mobile today announces the price reduction of sending a picture message to 20p, making it the least expensive offer in the market. The price reduction combined with the launches of the Sony Ericsson D750i camera phone and the new T-Mobile Kodak Mobile service will provide customers with the ideal camera phone experience from snap, to send, to prints.

Julia Shalet, T-Mobile UK’s Head of Messaging comments: “T-Mobile is unleashing the full capabilities of the picture-message experience by making the service in-expensive, improving the quality of pictures by launching our first 2 mega pixel phone and by providing our customers with the ability to store, edit, share and print their photographs. T-Mobile is pleased to offer our customers this exciting new imaging experience.”

Cheaper and quicker than a 1st class postage stamp and during this summer, also cheaper than sending a postcard home from abroad, the new 20p price will tap into the needs of the already growing number of picture messaging users on the T-Mobile network. T-Mobile UK doubled both the number of active users sending picture messages and the number of picture messages being sent in 2004. More than 70% of MMS mobile phones have an integrated camera and now users will have a complete digital imaging experience.

In addition to photos they take themselves, many T-Mobile customers are downloading the recently launched free* animations from t-zones, which they can use to tell each other how they feel (excited, anxious, angry, bored), pass a message in a more exciting way (I love you, I miss you, call me), or send a greeting card (happy birthday, good luck). *(browsing charges apply)

This gives our customers even more reasons to appreciate the new value price and use picture messaging for everyday communication.

Sony Ericsson D750i exclusive to T-Mobile
The new Sony Ericsson D750i mobile phone is the lightest 2 mega pixel camera phone to hit the market and offers the largest memory thanks to its 38MB internal memory and the 64MB Memory Stick DUOTM. Exclusive to T-Mobile, the phone will be in stores June 1st.

The D750i comes equipped with technical features common in stand-alone digital cameras such as auto focus, 4x digital zoom, preflash with red eye reduction, intuitive digital still camera user interface and accessories such as a camera flash.

In addition to superior pictures, the D750i offers an MP3 player, an FM radio and a foreign language translation programme in one easy-to-use device and making it the ideal phone for trips and holidays. Users can also record their own videos, add music and play them back on their phone.

Launch of T-Mobile Kodak Mobile service
The launch of the T-Mobile Kodak Mobile service provides the finishing element to the ultimate imaging experience because it provides a useful solution for pictures that have in the past sat idle in our camera phone’s memory. The T-Mobile Kodak Mobile service will enable customers to store, edit, share and print their photographs, further maximizing the potential of camera phones. The new service can be located at

This partnership between T-Mobile and Kodak will finally provide a method for users to print and store their pictures as quickly and easily as they would with a digital camera with the added benefit of creating private albums they can store online. Both a web and wap site have been specially created for customers who can register for the service through t-zones on their phone or on their PC.

First time users of the T-Mobile Kodak Mobile service will receive unlimited storage, 10 free prints and two free wallpapers.
T-Mobile customers can simply send an MMS to 777 to upload their pictures and get started on the service.

- Ends -

Notes to editors:

To start the fun of picture messaging, just send one picture message and you can then start receiving them. 

·         Take a photo, choose one of the pictures stored in your phone or create a picture message including up to 1,000 characters of text.

·         Your phone will then give you the option to “send” via picture message or multi-media message (MMS).

·         Picture messages can be sent to any UK mobile phone or an email address.

Media Enquiries:

Michelle Kramer, T-Mobile, +44 (0)7980 983 232, michelle.kramer@t-mobile.net

Julie Watson, T-Mobile, +44 (0)7939 539 462, julie.watson@t-mobile.net

About T-Mobile International
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T-Mobile or Deutsche Telekom have a majority or minority stake. And all that over a common technology platform based on GSM, the world’s most successful digital wireless standard. This also makes T-Mobile the only mobile communications provider with a seamless transatlantic service.

T-Mobile also is partner of FreeMove, an alliance formed by four of Europe’s leading mobile companies - Orange, Telefónica Móviles, TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile) and T-Mobile – to help their customers communicate as easily while travelling abroad as they do at home.

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