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T- Mobile Completes First Live HSDPA Calls In The UK,
The Netherlands And Germany

High speed mobile broadband to be launched in 2006

London, 16th November, 2005: High speed mobile broadband services in the UK came a significant step closer today, as T-Mobile announced it had successfully completed what is believed to be the first live demonstration of High Speed Downlink Data Packet Access (HSDPA) calls on its networks in the UK, as well as in Germany and the Netherlands.

The commercial launch of HSDPA is scheduled for next year, with further testing continuing prior to then.

HSDPA is a software upgrade to 3G that delivers over four times faster download speeds than is currently possible--- up to a theoretical maximum of 1.8 Mbps in the first phase, compared to today’s theoretical maximum of 384 kbps on standard 3G networks.

The benefits are both the ability to deliver high speed broadband services and the ability to meet the needs of a higher number of customers at lower cost.

The calls were made using Nokia 3G network technology and are the result of the strong collaboration between the two companies to deliver HSDPA.  

“This is a first for a UK mobile operator and a further demonstration of the strength of
T-Mobile’s network”, said Emin Gurdenli, T-Mobile UK’s Technical Director. “T-Mobile is taking a lead in true high speed mobile broadband. It builds on our belief that mobile data and internet services need to work the same way as customers are familiar with on their PCs and have to deliver these services as fast, if not faster, than they are used to on their PCs”

Hamid Akhavan, T-Mobile Group’s Chief Technology Officer, said: “This year, we have launched Web’n’Walk, which beats the speed of the great majority of home internet. Next year, we intend to beat the speed of the great majority of DSL broadband, and in 2007, we intend to increase speeds further. This is also a good example of how successful cooperation between T-Mobile and Nokia is making high speed mobile broadband a reality.”

"Nokia’s Vice President, Networks, Kari Sundbäck, said: “Our collaboration with T-Mobile is highly successful and demonstrates that Nokia is ready to deliver HSDPA to help mobile operators maximise mobile data and internet growth.”

Beyond next year, a further upgrade to HSDPA will increase delivery speeds still further. Nokia currently has over 20 HSDPA contracts, 7 of which are public.

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