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      Brits urged to forget about work this bank holiday
      weekend as T-Mobile report proves stress still rife for British office workers

Key findings

·          44% of British office workers worry about work while they are on holiday

·          40% of British office workers find it hard to maintain a good work-life balance

·          Almost half of British office workers think they spend too many hours ‘in the office’

·          49% believe long working hours has a negative impact on their personal relationships; 61% believe it negatively affects their health and fitness

London, UK – 26 August 2005: The results of a recent T-Mobile survey prove that British office workers should make the most of the last long weekend before Christmas – British office workers are spending too many hours in the office, feel increasingly stressed and think about work while they are on holiday.  

The survey, commissioned by T-Mobile and undertaken by YouGov, shows that a staggering 55% of British office workers surveyed spend over 36 hours per week in the office. 42% of British office workers surveyed say this is too much.  

According to the survey results, almost half of British office workers (45%) admit to spending more than 90% of their work-day at their desk and 24% say excessive hours spent in the office are the reason for rising stress levels.  It is, therefore, not surprising that 40% of those surveyed report finding it hard to maintain a good work-life balance.  

Simon Ainslie, Director of Business Sales, T-Mobile UK commented: “The adoption of mobile working by UK companies will liberate British office workers from their desks and help them retain control of ‘dead time’ spent commuting. Being able to access information when, where and how they want can help   reduce stress in the workplace, leading to a happier, healthier Britain.” 

He continued: “The results of this survey are clear – we’re stressed, we’re working long hours in the office, and we want our employers to help us achieve a better work-life balance.” 

Health, fitness and personal relationships seem to bear the brunt of our highly stressful, office centric lives. 49% of those surveyed feel the number of hours they work has a negative impact on their personal relationships, whilst 61% feel the number of hours they work has a negative impact on their health and fitness. 

The report also proved that half of British office workers’ employers do not encourage mobile working. However, one in four feel that mobile working is cucial to free-up ‘dead time’, whilst travelling to get work done – liberating them, from the number of hours spent in the office. 

Making better use of ‘dead’ commuter time is one way to alleviate daily stress and better manage workloads. According to the research, British office workers who already use BlackBerry or other remote email devices confirm that they help with time management (66%) and are the best use of downtime (46%). One in three (33%) office workers who own BlackBerry or other mobile email devices also report that these devices help to reduce stress levels. 

British office workers using BlackBerry or other remote email devices whilst commuting often use their travel ‘dead time’ to organise their personal lives, in addition to catching up on work-related emails. Nearly half (45%) confirm that their most common use of BlackBerry is to stay in touch with friends and family, and 8% even admitted to flirting via a Blackberry or similar device.  

If an employee has the opportunity to clear their inbox on the move with the  corporate version of the BlackBerry or a laptop with a 3G datacard, they can focus on key tasks for the day and leave earlier in the evening, freeing up more time for their own interest. Any emails that need to be answered at the end of the day can be addressed on the commute home. 

“British office workers are increasingly seeking to keep control of their working lives through  mobile devices, such as the T-Mobile BlackBerry, designed to help employees manage time and workloads on the move, and keep working hours to minimum.  

British employers and employees need to work together towards a future where we can all liberate dead commuter time to get work emails out of the way – ultimately being rewarded with an extra hour each day to spend with family and, friends or at the gym,” Mr Ainslie continued.  

Most British office workers (83%) surveyed see the benefit of mobile working and 52% would like their employer to encourage this. According to theresearch, the travel ‘dead time’ available to help British office workers reduce time spent in the office is considerable – we are prolific travellers. Nearly half of British office workers surveyed (49%) commute more than 30 minutes each day, nearly a quarter (24%) commute more than an hour to and from work each day, and 13% admit to spending more than 1.5 hours commuting.   

T-Mobile offers a suite of devices and solutions such as the BlackBerry 7100t,7290 and the MDA III to help workers make the best use of travel; ‘dead time’, enable them to manage their emails and catch up with work whilst they’re on the move and thus help to relieve stress.  

The research was commissioned by T-Mobile UK and undertaken by YouGov. The research was completed between 27 July and 1 August 2023 from a nationally representative sample size of 5,116 participants. 




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