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T-Mobile study finds that Brits feel they are out of the loop when they’re on the move 

Key features:

§         22% more likely to vote at the next election if they could vote on the move from their mobile phone

§         Brits want more access to news needed on flights and at train stations

§         Only 2% of British Web users trust blogs

§         37% worry about not being up to date with the latest news when they’re out and about

§         Three quarters of Brits are either very or fairly interested in current affairs

 London, UK – 13th June 2006: More than a third of British people feel isolated from current affairs when they are on the move, according to new research from T-Mobile.

 In a study commissioned by T-Mobile to mark the launch of its’ web’n’walk unlimited tariff, which gives customers open access to the Internet from their mobile phone for just £7.50 a month, 37% of respondents were worried about being out of the loop when not able to access the World Wide Web.

The nationwide research, conducted by YouGov, also revealed that people feel most isolated when they are travelling, with 37% wanting more news access on flights and 28% wanting railway stations to provide easier access to the latest UK and world headlines.

The study also identified empowerment as a crucial issue to the adoption of mobile web browsing, with 22% saying they were far more likely to vote at the next election if they could do so on the mobile phone.

T-Mobile’s Director of Marketing Phil Chapman said: “With three quarters of British people claiming to be either very interested or fairly interested in current affairs, T-Mobile believes it’s time to give people better and easier access to the sort of information they are used to accessing at home or in the office. We are a media savvy nation and it’s not right that so many of us should feel isolated when we’re out and about.”

James Murphy, Associate Director of the Future Foundation, said: “This is the age of contactability and control. Our own research shows that some 75% of young Brits like the idea of being contactable at all times. And, of course, we all now realise how even remote, apparently unconnected events can impact on us. The use of the Internet to constantly check what is happening and to keep ourselves in the loop is a well-established phenomenon. Nobody wants dead time in their lives any more. We all want our finger literally on the pulse.”

In terms of the way people rank the value of different types of current affairs, 61% said UK news was most important to them while 27% put the international agenda first.

“People are building their own news and information portfolios,” says Murphy. “We do not want the big stories to be available only when the big media are ready to give them to us. Power is still shifting in favour of the information-hungry consumer-citizen.” 

On the Internet, mainstream websites such as the BBC and national newspaper sites were named as the most useful ways to keep up to date by 67% of those who took part in the study, while 5% said they found emerging technologies such as RSS feeds as the most valuable way to consume news.

In terms of the way Brits are consuming current affairs, only 2% said they trusted news from blogs with not a single respondent in the 18-29 age group citing blogs as a trusted source of current affairs, compared to 33% naming terrestrial TV as their most trusted news source. But it’s also about personalities. When asked which celebrity would be the most trusted person to read the news, Richard Attenborough was the most popular answer. Gary Lineker came second, with Lord Coe, Davina McCall and Kermit The Frog also making the top five.

Murphy added: “Trust is the crucial asset for news-supplying media. And it’s well known that trust in large institutions as sources of dispassionate comment has been in decline in recent years. Permanent access to the Internet via mobile telephony allows us all to taste-and-try different sources, making our own gateways to intelligence and ideas. Yes, we want trusted personalities in the media – but we trust ourselves too and to do that properly we need multiple sources of ready-when-we-are information”.

Chapman concluded: “Unlimited web’n’walk offers T-Mobile customers the chance to browse, e-mail and chat on the move whenever they want. A range of new handsets, a revamped homepage and improved e-mail add even more value to the service. As web’n’walk offers access to the open Internet, as opposed to ‘walled garden’ WAP services, customers using the web’n’walk service are able to browse the web how they want and are free to log on to whatever websites they choose.”





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