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T-Mobile launches £1 a day mobile internet withweb’n’walk™ available on pay as you go

Bringing mobile internet within the reach of all.

  • First real internet browsing for pay-as-you-go

  • New day rate automatically from August 1st

  • Browse the entire internet all day with web’n’walk™ for £1

  • Web’n’walk™ works just like browsing on your PC

  • Web’n’walk™ handset range to expand to 25 by Autumn

London: 20 June 2006 – T-Mobile UK is today taking a significant step in making mobile internet available and affordable to everyone by launching  web’n’walk™, the first real mobile internet service, for pay-as-you-go customers with a £1 a day maximum rate.

Web’n’walk™, launched last October for pay monthly customers, is unique in its approach to mobile internet. Bringing customers the freedom to browse the web pages they choose, not just those selected by their network, web’n’walk™ offers the real internet,  a leap forward from the ‘cut-down’ web pages previously available on mobiles. Two thirds of mobile customers are pay-as-you-go, and today’s announcement opens the way for mobile internet to become a mass market service.

The web’n’walk™ £1 daily rate service combines economy with absolute cost control.  Customers can surf, email and check information all for £1 a day.  Each kilobyte of data is charged at 0.73 pence, until the customer has spent £1 – after which, customers will pay nothing more for the rest of the day.  

All web’n’walk™ devices are pre-configured to connect immediately to the internet. They’re simple to use, since they work the way customers are familiar with on their PC, with Google on the home page, together with

T-Mobile Favourites, providing one-click links to some of the UK’s most popular websites, including Amazon, Sky, lastminute, BBC, Yell, Multimap, BAA and the RAC.

The range of web’n’walk™ handsets on pay-as-you-go will now include some of the most popular devices such as the Motorola V3, the Nokia 6131, the Nokia 6233, the Sony Ericsson K750i and the Samsung E870. The full web’n’walk™ range is being progressively expanded and will reach 25 by Autumn this year.

Phil Chapman, Director of Marketing for T-Mobile UK, said:

“We strongly believe that in future, mobile will be individuals’ primary means of accessing the internet, just as it already is for voice communications. With web’n’walk™, we’ve already delivered the first real mobile browsing. Now, we’re making mobile internet affordable to all, opening the way for it to become a mass market service. This is another example of how T-Mobile is changing the UK mobile market.”

Today’s announcement builds on T-Mobile’s commitment to providing market leading value for mobile calls, text and internet. It follows T-Mobile’s redefinition of pay as you go voice tariffs this April; its intoduction of a new flat rate roaming charge of 55p per minute across most European countries and the US, also in April; its launch of Flext in March, changing the UK pay monthly market; and the introduction of a web’n’walk™ flat rate of only £7.50 a month for pay monthly contracts.

T-Mobile’s new internet service pricing

  • Pay-as-you-go: ‘Never more than £1’ maximum daily rate available on Mates Rates, Text Appeal and Everyone pay-as-you-go plans

  • U-Fix: Choice of £1 maximum a day or £7.50 a month extra for unlimited use

  • Flext and Relax: £7.50 a month extra for unlimited use

In all cases, compatible handsets are needed. A fair use policy applies. The pay-as-you-go £1 daily rate will be commercially available from 1st  August. It will also be available to pay monthly customers from 1st December. U-Fix, Flext and Relax are subject to minimum term contracts.




Robin O’Kelly:                         Tel:                  00 44 (0) 1707 316652

                                              T- Mobile:        00 44 (0) 7786 702 526


Anthony Carlisle                      Tel:                  00 44 (0) 20 7638 9571

                                              T- Mobile:        00 44 (0) 7973 611 888


Laure Lagrange                        Tel :                 00 44 (0) 20 7282 8001

                                               T- Mobile         00 44 (0) 7768 698 731


Notes to Editors

Content lock is switched on by default on all T-Mobile handsets in order to protect minors from inappropriate content. Content lock can be switched-off on request by adults aged 18 or over.

Users are not penalized for accessing the internet several times a day and spending less than £1 during each session, as the cost of each separate session counts towards the £1 threshold.

A fair usage policy applies. Please see www.t-mobile.co.uk/webnwalk All pricing inclusive of VAT.

About T-Mobile UK

T-Mobile is one of the world’s largest mobile operators with around 87 million customers worldwide. In the UK it is the network of choice for over 16 million customers, making it one of the most popular networks.

T-Mobile’s range of services includes innovations such as Flext, a unique tariff with flexible pricing; U-Fix, which combines pay-as-you-go spending control with pay monthly value; web'n'walkTM, enabling customers to access the internet and office applications on the move.  T-Mobile's 2G and GPRS data network covers over 99% of the population. Its 2G network has also been chosen by Virgin Mobile and Carphone Warehouse’s ‘Fresh’ mobile service for their customers. T-Mobile’s 3G network currently provides 65% population coverage. T-Mobile’s Hotspot service is the world’s largest public WiFi network operator with approximately 17,000 locations, over 1,000 of them in the UK.


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