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    T-Mobile Survey:
    UK Small Businesses Lose a Day a Week to Deadtime







London, UK – 27 January 2006: Founders of UK small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are losing the equivalent of a day each week to time spent travelling - commuting to work is the worst culprit, followed by travelling to meetings, waiting at airports and train stations and other transport-related dead time.

Research from The Bathwick Group, published today in partnership with

T-Mobile, found that founders of UK SMEs work on average 49 hours a week, whilst more than a quarter work 60 hour weeks. More concerning, the study also found that SME workers spend on average 10.7 hours per week just getting to their place of work. Travel-related deadtime consumes 21.5% of the time that could otherwise have been devoted to the business – and its customers. In a highly competitive business environment, this is a significant proportion of the SME’s working week.

The report also found that respondents spent over a day each week on email alone. Counting all of the time spent dealing with email, coping with deadtime, and handling paperwork (such as government forms and red tape), UK small businesses are left with just 34% of the working week to get on with the job of running their business.

The research also revealed that SMEs are feeling under more pressure than ever before. 54% of respondents agreed that they seem to work longer hours each year, and 86% stated that they often need to work on email outside normal office hours, just to be able to keep up with the demands of running a business.

“Clearly, anything that SMEs can gain back from dead time has the potential to greatly increase work options and productivity,” says Simon Ainslie, UK Sales Director, T-Mobile UK.  “If owners of UK SMEs are spending more than a whole working day each week – 10.7 hours – travelling or otherwise suffering from deadtime, then possessing the ability to access email - which itself eats into over a day of productive time each week - on your own terms, wherever that may be, is an attractive proposition for the UK small business person.”

Ainslie continues: “These results provide evidence that mobile working and the ability to work autonomously is increasingly essential for UK SMEs, not only as a means of managing workloads, but also as a way of freeing-up dead time, in order to allow managers more time to concentrate on driving their businesses forward.”

The research was commissioned by T-Mobile UK and undertaken by The Bathwick Group and based on a study of 496 small UK businesses (those with less than 100 employees), which looked at the difficulties, frustrations, and the advantages of running a small business, and the impact (real and potential) that mobile working is having.  The research was carried out during late October and early November 2005.




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